Home is where…the sermon is?

Yes, indeed. For now at least. Due to the previously-arranged preaching schedule, the previous Sunday was my first opportunity to offer a sermon during our stay-safe-at-home time here in Illinois. So, yes, I spend the first few minutes talking about just how weird that feels. Probably too much time on that. But I strive to be honest in my preaching and I felt I needed to say all that.

I called this sermon “The World Turned Upside Down” because…well, for reasons I elicit in the video. Clearly, when I read the version of the Acts 17 text for the week in The Voice translation I relished the chance to connect to Hamilton through “ruffians” and “the world turned upside down.”

I think this might be my best part:

As we read the book of Acts, I think it is helpful and important for us to remember that Acts is Part 2 of the Gospel of Luke, written by the same person. The book of Acts is more akin to the musical “Hamilton” than it is a field report from an NPR reporter stationed in Thessalonica. What I mean is, that both “Hamilton” and the book of Acts are brilliant works created by master storytellers making use of historical events to tell a story and to persuade people of their beliefs. Both are very persuasive!

So what happens, How do people respond when their world gets turned upside down?

Would love to hear what you think!

The video won’t start at the beginning of the sermon. Grrr. You’ll find it starting at 59:56

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