About Me

A few random facts about me, Dave Buerstetta:

Photo credit: Patti Cash
That’s me in the middle. Photo credit: Patti Cash


I love being a husband to my wife, Joann, and a father to our son and daughter.

I think working for social justice is humanity’s highest calling, which is why I strive to be an abolitionist. And that’s also why I find being a pastor so challenging and rewarding – I get to make the abolitionist pursuit my work.

I pay more attention to sports than I should. But I haven’t stopped yet and doing so seems quite unlikely. Especially baseball and hockey. And fantasy football.

Even though it makes me sound old, I think The West Wing was the greatest TV show of all time…along with Seinfeld of course.

Finally, a disclaimer: This is my personal blog. While it is true that I am an ordained in the American Baptist Church and that I work as Koinonia Pastor for the Woodridge United Methodist Church (yes, those two things create an odd confluence. Remind me to tell you about it someday), all that I express here is mine and does not represent the views of the ABC/USA, Woodridge UMC, the United Methodist Church, Christianity, or anyone else.

I fully expect that at some point I’ll write something I regret. I hope you’ll offer me grace, as I will try to do for all who read and comment here.

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