Well said!

Welcome to another edition of my version of that blog post staple, the weekly recap/links roundup/info dump. My intent is to highlight stuff I came across this week (or, you know, at least fairly recently) that I found well-written or inspiring or bizarre or…well, or perhaps stuff so good I wish I’d written it myself. I suspect blogging deity, Fred Clark (aka Slacktivist) will feature prominently here.

Enough preamble! On with the Well said! list!

Continuing the theme of my previous post, over at Good, Cord Jefferson – with help from Brittany Spears and Kim Kardashian – compellingly demonstrates why Marriage Isn’t Sacred.

I am a Bread for the World member. They do amazing work to fight hunger and poverty. I am honored to be a teeny, tiny part of that work. They also do a great job of challenging me to think about the real effects of poverty. The answer is, no, I don’t think I could. How about you? Could you live on $31.50 a week for food?

In my experience, followers of God in the Way of Jesus need a variety of ways to understand salvation. For many, including me, the (it-turns-out-not-so)old evangelical standard substitutionary atonement understanding ultimately is too stomach-churning to hold. Fortunately, Chriatian Piatt at [D]mergent offers a great post with other ways to understand Jesus and the cross: Did Jesus Really Die for Our Sins?

Finally, do your self a favor and read everything Fred Clark writes at Slacktivist. Or at the very least, read Looking beyond their needs to determine fault. Yeah, you’ll be even madder at Herman Cain, et al. But you’ll have a better understanding why you’re mad.

Why Fred Clark is a Genius, example 1

Check out the link to Fred Clark’s Slacktivist over to the right there. Hover over it for a moment and you’ll read that I describe Fred as my favorite blog. Here’s a link to a recent example of him displaying that “wickedly sharp wit.” In this post Fred absolutely excoriates the infuriating, pervasive smugness of a particularly embarrassing expression of “Christianity.” (Yes, in fact I do think the scare quotes are justified here. The Jesus I read in the gospels – the one I’ve come to know and love and try to follow – is the antithesis of the hegemonic pomposity of Colson et al.) Anyway, read this and get hooked on slacktivist too. It’s good for your soul.

slacktivist: The fatuous foolishness of the Manhattan Declaration.

Actually, that link is the third in a series Fred wrote on the dreadful Manhattan Declaration.

Part 1 here http://slacktivist.typepad.com/slacktivist/2009/11/pulling-a-lieberman.html

Part 2 here http://slacktivist.typepad.com/slacktivist/2009/11/dont-know-much-about-history.html