I’m in the United Methodist Church. We’re doing a Change the World project. I love Twitter. How could I not reblog this? Join the movement…

Tweet to Change the World

How can you get involved with #CtWTweets?

  1. Join our prayer team. We’re looking for people to pray for Change the World events for 48 hours on May 19 and 20. Sign up for our prayer calendar and our prayer team will send you information!
  2. Tweet about events you are participating in and share pictures, using hashtag #CtWTweets. Don’t have an event? Find one.
  3. Make a donation to Imagine No Malaria, an initiative of the United Methodist Church to provide education and mosquito nets to those who need them. No donation is too big or toosmall. Use this online form. Please designate your gift In Honor of CtWTweets. (This will help our team know how much was given in response to this effort)
  4. Tell your friends. Share a link to this page on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or Pinterest. Or heck, share it on all of them!
  5. Pray…

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Guest blogger: Pastor Jim responds to Ministry With

A few weeks ago I wrote about the new UMC resource, Ministry With* the Poor  I hope you’ve checked that out by now and at least watched the introductory video. If not, I encourage you to do so now. One of the fascinating things about Ministry With* the Poor is the collaborative effort bringing it …

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Sunday’s coming

It's Saturday night. That means you've made it through Maundy (Holy) Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. For us pastor types it also means it will soon be time to share cogent, coherent thoughts in the form of an Easter Sunday sermon! That's the mounting pressure, anxiety-inducing meaning of "Sunday's coming." If you're still figuring …

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Bizarro Shaggy and Scooby?

I hope you'll forgive the continuing shameless self-promotion... I'm pleased to be a part of the fun, interesting, good work going on at The Hardest Question, the blog that seeks to: move Bible preachers and teachers creatively away from hermeneutical cliché, so as to ignite both weekly preparations and insightful conversations for the sake of …

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It’s Sunday, but Sunday’s comin’

As a follower of God in the way of Jesus, today is Palm Sunday. And it's Passion Sunday. Which, at my church, meant it was Palm/Passion Sunday. We're just all hip mashup like that. Today marks the beginning of what we call Holy Week. That is, the week leading up to Easter. Today we remembered …

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Hey, Dave!!: The Nation of Hopeful Wanderers

Note: Here it is! The return of Hey, Dave!!, wherein my good friend, Ryan Hilligoss waxes poetic about, well, about whatever is on his mind. “Our ignorance of history causes us to slander our own times.”- Gustav Flaubert In light of the looming election, I would like to address the rise of an insidious line …

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Stop, stop, stop hurting the world! Part 1.1: Guest blogger!

Exciting news! In what I hope will become a regular feature here at All That I Can't Leave Unsaid (and, let's be honest, it wouldn't take much to become a regular feature here. So far the only truly regular feature is inactivity!), I offer for your reading pleasure some thoughts from my good friend, Ryan …

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