I’m in the United Methodist Church. We’re doing a Change the World project. I love Twitter. How could I not reblog this? Join the movement…

Tweet to Change the World

How can you get involved with #CtWTweets?

  1. Join our prayer team. We’re looking for people to pray for Change the World events for 48 hours on May 19 and 20. Sign up for our prayer calendar and our prayer team will send you information!
  2. Tweet about events you are participating in and share pictures, using hashtag #CtWTweets. Don’t have an event? Find one.
  3. Make a donation to Imagine No Malaria, an initiative of the United Methodist Church to provide education and mosquito nets to those who need them. No donation is too big or toosmall. Use this online form. Please designate your gift In Honor of CtWTweets. (This will help our team know how much was given in response to this effort)
  4. Tell your friends. Share a link to this page on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or Pinterest. Or heck, share it on all of them!
  5. Pray…

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