Coffee ‘n’ Capes: My Passion Project Podcast

Yes, it’s true: I am, apparently, all about that alliteration. Alliteration seems to be de rigueur for us pastor types. I mean, perhaps peruse our sermon titles sometime. We can’t seem to help ourselves. You know who else loves alliteration? Comic book writers. Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, Stephen Strange, Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Jessica Jones, Wonder Woman, Wally West, Wade Wilson, just to name a few examples. Even Clark Kent qualifies sound-wise. I don’t know how much I’ve allowed my geek culture freak flag to fly on this blog, but another truth is that I’ve been a geek my whole life.

I was five years old the summer that Star Wars: A New Hope came out. I don’t know how old I was when a kind teenaged neighbor flat out gifted me his collection of super hero action figures, but it was around that same time. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t enjoy reading comic books. I was truly upset the first time I heard that “Batman smells” version of “Jingle Bells” because I liked Batman so much! Start with a lifetime geek culture base, add to that a quarter-century of pastoring, and I feel like I come by my alliteration appreciation honestly.

All of which to say: my very good friend and fellow comic book and geek culture enthusiast, John Ziegler, and I started a podcast. We talked about doing this podcast for at least three years and now, finally, this fall, we actually did it. We became friends over cups of coffee and comic book conversations. Thus the podcast name: Coffee ‘n’ Capes.

We about to record our 15th episode today. We’ve reviewed movies like Shang-Chi, Dune, and Spider-Man: No Way Home. We’ve tackled eternal geek questions like “Who is the strongest there is?” We conducted a super powers draft. And we share whatever coffee we’re drinking that day. It is, as you can imagine, pretty meaningless. But we have a ton of fun. We have similar tastes but we don’t always agree. We laugh a lot.

If any of that interests you at all, I would love it if you would give us a try. Our website is still in development, but you can find us in all the usual podcast places: Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher. And on the socials: Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. (Twitter too but we aren’t really using that yet.)

Better yet, here’s the link tree to all the spots. Let me/us know what you think!

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