Love God and Love Your Neighbor with Your Vote

I just got back from voting. It is a beautiful day — sunny and not too cold — and our polling place is close by, so I walked over. It is also a beautiful day for democracy in USAmerica. Or at least it should be. Republicans in many parts of the country have been up to their voter suppression tricks. We’ll see how that plays out. Regardless, it is a beautiful day as tens of millions cast their votes. I heard a family behind me say that their daughter was voting for the first time but she wasn’t registered. “No problem! You can register right now,” said the election judge. That is how it should be. We should make it as easy as possible to vote. We should want everyone who is eligible to vote to do so.

But the question remains: For whom to vote?

There are no perfect people. We know this. It is known. Ergo, there are no perfect candidates and no perfect political parties. We know this too, but seem to forget it on the regular. No person or party is perfect, but that doesn’t make them the same.

Joe Biden was not my first choice for president. He was not who I voted for in the Primary. But he and Kamal Harris are the best choice on the ballot. And it isn’t close. I agree with this analysis from from Faithful America:

“As Christians, we reject the hatred and discrimination of the current administration. We stand instead for the Gospel’s values of social justice, equality, and dignity — and we’re voting with hope and love in our hearts.

Sadly, these are not the values that Donald Trump or the religious right represent. Yet in spite of his deadly policies and hateful rhetoric, the president’s re-election strategy has been to use race and religion to divide Americans, questioning his critics’ faith and dishonestly presenting himself as the only option for Christian voters.

Faithful America is calling out that lie, reminding voters and reporters alike that Donald Trump and the religious right do not have a monopoly on Christianity.”

That’s why I signed this statement (also from Faithful America):

Our values and our votes are proof that Donald Trump and the religious right do not represent all Christians – this election season, or ever.

As Christians, we reject this administration’s corruption and hatred. We will never vote for Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

Instead, we are voting to reunite families and support refugees.

We are voting to protect affordable health care and to take the pandemic seriously.

We are voting to defend democracy, uphold the law, and end unjust authoritarianism.

We are voting to end racial injustice, because Black lives matter to God.

We are voting to uphold LGBTQ rights and equality, because every person was created in the image of God.

We are voting to heal the planet.

We are voting to help the poor.

We are voting for love, dignity, and social justice — not Donald Trump.

My faith compels me to love God and love my neighbors as myself with my vote. Or, to put it in boarder terms, today I voted:

Today, I proudly voted for Joe Biden and Kamal Harris.

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