Are you tired? I bet you’re tired

How about a Labor Day-themed sermon? That’s what I offered on Sunday.

Inspirations this week:

Scripture texts from Romans 13 and the Gospel of Matthew 16.

Local broadcaster and Chicago treasure, Laurence Holmes has long been my favorite radio show host. He is fantastic at interviews and I enjoy a good origin story, so his House of L podcasts are right up my alley. The episode that inspired me this week, however, was not an interview. Rather, it was just Holmes sharing his thoughts on “The Tragic Loss of Chadwick Boseman.” As excellent as his interviews are, the episodes wherein he offers his experience as a Black man in Chicago are sublime. Give it a listen.

Every day is a new opportunity for us to do better. Usually when we do better we feel better. Easiest thing is to give in and to give up. Let’s chose to rebel. Let’s chose to gather ourselves up and continue to fight for justice and righteousness. Take what you need, time, therapy, being around friends and family, whatever you need to help you get back in the fight, you do it. This isn’t easy. But we can get up, dust ourselves off, bury and celebrate our dead, and not give up. Optimism is a form of rebellion. Rebel. — Laurence Holmes

My friend Hugh Hollowell is a frequent inspiration for my sermons. This week was no different. This was on his Facebook page this week:

You have Monday off because of riots. Because the Powers That Be literally sent men with guns to protect businesses whose workers said they should earn fair wages and be treated with respect. You have Monday off because of organized labor. You have Monday off – hell, you have today off, and a 40 hour work week, and so much more – because of organized labor. In the world as it ought to be, people would get what they deserve, but in the world as it is, you only get what you organize for. — Hugh Hollowell, Jr. (emphasis mine)

“Optimism is a form of rebellion.” Loving your neighbor as yourself is a form of rebellion.

Hey! Only 14 minutes this week. So that’s a win. The video and audio might not be top quality this time. We were supposed to worship outside but it rained. And the electrical grid in our sanctuary is wonky at the moment too, so we moved into our Hall. Our tech crew does amazing work: thanks Kevin and Jorie! Sermon begins at 47:40.

Prefer audio only? Here you go.

Take a nap. Read a book. Meditate. Journal. Pray. Gather safely with people you love. Then let’s roll up our sleeves and get back to being rebels by listening and speaking and writing and marching and voting in ways that tell our neighbors who are hurting that we love them as much as we love ourselves.

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