God’s Elevator Pitch?

It was my turn to preach again Sunday. (We are on a break from the “Privilege and Promise: This is America” sermon series. But it returns soon. Of course, it is objectively obvious that racism does not take a break, so let’s not stop striving every day to be actively antiracist.)

The lectionary gave us Psalm 145 and Matthew 11 with which to work. The former reads like it could be from God’s publicist. The latter reads like Jesus might be updating his CV. So what to do with all that on a holiday weekend?

Well, I tried to have some fun with it. You can watch and judge for yourself if I succeeded in that. From the “forewarned is fair-warned” department, “Hamilton” was clearly on my mind (and its songs in my heart).

You can hear the world’s best patriotic song (that I know of) at 31:41. Sermon begins at 51:03. Let me know what you think and how I can be better.

Sermon begins at 51:03

Audio-only, podcast-style:

Here are the two videos I mentioned in the sermon. First, James Earl Jones reads Frederick Douglass.

But then Daveed Digs updates it with photos. My recency bias might be showing, but I think this is even more inspiring.

Top image by Suppadeth wongyee from Pixabay 

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