Sleep Out (in solidarity) Saturday

“Everybody belongs,” I said on Sunday. That phrase comes from a teaching by Father Richard Rohr, but also, once again, calls to mind MLK’s brilliant, under-valued recapitulation of the gospel: “We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality… Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”

Lots of ways to express that thought:

  • We are all connected.
  • We are better together.
  • Yes, I am (and you are and we are) our brother’s – and sister’s – keeper.
  • Solidarity.

It is with this understanding of the gospel – and thus of the life of faith – in mind that we approach Sleep Out Saturday tomorrow. It is with that understanding of the life of faith in mind that we offered our youth a scavenger hunt this week. This was a hunt aimed to help deepen our solidarity with the homeless population.

I thought you might like to join the hunt cyber-style. Feel free to try it IRL too! Big THANKS to Kathy Falout for designing the hunt.

Divide into a team of 3-5. Imagine you are homeless. Find these items:

1. rain/bus schedule

2.    Listing of apartments for rent in Woodridge

3.    Can you get a Library card without an address?  Find out!

4.    Job listings or “Want-ads”

5.    Address for the local Food Pantry

6.    Address for the local Walk-In Ministry

7.    Employment application.  What is the pay rate?________  How will you get to work? – map out walk/bike/bus route.

8.    Free museum brochure

9.    Free e-mail account.  Where would you check your e-mail?

10.   Where would you find card board boxes to build a shelter?

11. Where would you go to exercise/work out?

12. Where can you take a shower and clean-up without getting kicked out?

13. Where do you brush your teeth and use the bathroom before school?

14. Address of Community or State Health Clinic

15. Collect sale coupons for the grocery store.

16. Info on bank accounts. What is the minimum to open a checking acct?

17. “Used” car dealer ad.

18. Where can you find a cheap bike?

19. Find a phone booth and call Pastor Dave on his cell phone.

20. You have a budget of $10 to feed dinner to your “family” (your group).  Make a list of the items you would purchase and their cost.  Remember:

  • You don’t have anywhere to cook this food.
  • Think about quantity – will this fill us up?  What about the nutritional value?
  • You are NOT allowed to select food from fast food establishments.
  • You may not add money to the budget.
  • Be creative, spend wisely and don’t forget about tax.

I haven’t often thought about all the different things that having a permanent address makes easier – or even just possible.

This will be my first Sleep Out Saturday. I’m excited to be able to participate this year. I’m a little nervous about my shelter-creating abilities. I can’t wait to experience the rally and hear our young people reflect on the event.

SOS box tent prep

I hope and I pray that our involvement in this event continues to grow in all of us the understanding that we are deeply and truly connected with our homeless sisters and brothers; that what affects them affects us as well.

Take some time to join us – either in person this weekend or online. You can add to our fundraising effort there and read all about the amazing work done by SOS sponsor, Bridge Communities.

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