Setting out on an SOS

Frequently of late I’ve been talking and writing how  striving to follow God in the Way of Jesus compels me to try to end hunger and poverty. And I will continue to do so. For instance, I’m with Bread for the World: Now that the shutdown is over, it is time to end sequestration.

But with our turn at PADS, with CROP Walk, and with Sleep Out Saturday (SOS) all happening within three weeks of one another, I have some other verbs in mind. Verbs beyond talking and writing, such as:

Walk. It’s not too late to join the South DuPage CROP Walk this Sunday, Oct. 20.

Bring. Canned goods are collected at CROP Walk.

Watch. Take five minutes to view this video. Warning: Watch with caution; you may just find yourself moved to participate in many ways!

Learn. About homelessness in DuPage County. Here’s an arresting statistic: the average age of a homeless person in DuPage County is…8 years old. 8! If that doesn’t infuriate you, I don’t know what will.

Sleep. Outside, that is. In the cold.

SOS night
A scene from WUMC’s 2012 SOS

Experience. For a few hours anyway on Nov. 2 what many people deal with every. single. day.

Read. Bridge Community’s client success stories. They are doing incredible work providing aid and requiring accountability.

View. Our SOS page

…and if you are able, pledge.

So that’s what I’m doing in next few days and weeks. How about you – what verbs occupy you right now?

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