April 15th, Jackie Robinson Day

I love baseball. It’s been my favorite sport to play, watch, follow, and read about my whole life. Now it’s our 10 year old son’s favorite too. 

I love striving for justice, especially what usually gets called social justice. I love trying to learn more, reading about it, connecting with people and organizations  working on poverty, hunger, discrimination, and human trafficking to name a few. 

Like anyone with eyes, ears, or even a minute willingness to view reality as it actually is, I know racism is at the center of all our country’s other problems and issues. 

Today, all three threads join together (Voltran style?) in the form of Major League Baseball’s Jackie Robinson Day. 

April 15, 1947 Jackie Robinson became the first black player to play in MLB. One hashtag I’ve seen for it #Jackie4


So I’m going to try making this an open thread of sorts, updating throughout the day as I encounter stories or events about Robinson and/or confronting racism. 

Update #1: got invited to the Cubs v Rockies game. Thanks, Mike!


Update 2: In 1946, Robinson played for the Dodgers’ Minor League team in Montreal. Check out Keith Olbermann’s tweet with a program from that year:  
Update 3: On Jackie Robinson Day everyone honors him by wearing his #42. How cool is that?



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