Finally something to say

The worst part about naming my blog “All That I Can’t Leave Behind” is that when I don’t post for a while (or, you know, 6. Freakin’. Months!), it seems as if I have nothing to say. Which isn’t exactly true. I’ve done some blogging over on my church site. But it is undeniable that life intervened in such ways that I haven’t been in this space in quite some time. That ends now.

I’ve refreshed the look. (Would love to know what you think of it.)

I’m going to at least attempt to live-blog my church’s participation in Sleep Out Saturday (SOS).

But first a video to introduce the idea.

This is the day…to end homelessness in DuPage County.

Also, Erin Chan Ding wrote a terrific piece about SOS for West Suburban Living Magazine. I’m quoted in it…and I think I actually don’t sound like an idiot. Thanks, Erin! Here’s a taste:

The hope, adds Buerstetta, is that “five years from now or 15 years from now, when these kids are the police officers or teachers dealing with a homeless family and clients, and they’re writing local ordinances, they keep these experiences in mind. 

 “There’s the longer term goal that, ‘This isn’t just a cool experience to do with my friends,’” concludes Buerstetta, “but that years from now, it affects who they become and how they live in a world that needs compassion.”   

Read the rest here.

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