Building empathy, enabling community

“Stress. It was really stressful having to constantly compare prices and serving sizes. It took a lot longer than when I grocery shop with my mom.”

“I felt like people were watching us and judging us, because we we talking so much about the price of everything and the servings. I didn’t like that.”

In groups of three or four, our youth were assigned a family narrative and then off to Jewel we went where each “family” had to shop for the week on a limited budget, making sure there was enough servings of protein, fruits, veggies and carbs for everyone. The above quotes were more connections being made as we prepare for Sleep Out Saturday this weekend.

SOS has three purposes:

  1. Raise awareness of homelessness in DuPage County.
  2. Raise funds for Bridge Communities so they can continue to provide housing and community for families experiencing homelessness in DuPage.
  3. Creating, for those participating in the event, an experience of solidarity with people experiencing homelessness. That is, building empathy for neighbors in need.

Frankly, we could use your help.

First, we need your prayers. For us, sure, that we have a meaningful experience and reach those three goals. But more importantly, please pray for all who experience homelessness right now. Pray that they find shelter and community. Pray for an end to the causes of homelessness, such as domestic abuse, mental illness, addiction, lack of employment, or severe illness. Pray that unjust systems that keep people poor or undereducated or sick or jobless will end.

Next, be open to what God’s Holy Spirit might have to say to you and to me and to us on Sunday morning when our teenagers share a message to the children born out of SOS. If we look cold and disheveled, well, it’s because we are.

Finally, if you are able, consider making a donation. We’re trying to raise $1000 and could really use some helping getting there.

For super extra bonus points, join us! Come to church and sleep out with us. Or even just on your lawn at home. There’s no age limits on who can participate.

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