God in the midst

It seems to me that a lot of us relish these days after Christmas. As much as we might love gathering with family, exchanging gifts, and sharing meals, there is often as sense of relief that, as we often say, “we made it through” the holiday. We breath a collective sigh of relief and relax a bit.

This, of course, is only really possible from a place of privilege. Some of us enjoy a few days of lighter work schedules and plenty of new toys with which to engage the children. Most folks aren’t in that position. Most people must try to find moments of hope, moments of peace in the midst of often-chaotic lives.

That’s why I find the Christmas story to be such good news: God shows up in the very midst of our messiness, in the midst of our blood, sweat and tears, in the midst of our stressors and our fears. Jesus is Emmanuel, God with us. All of us, all the time. And  not just with us, but also continually pushing us to share our love with people, especially people in need.

This prayer from our Advent Study book, James W. Moore’s  Finding Bethlehem in the Midst of Bedlam, seems apt for today:

God of all people and all creation, help us find Bethlehem in the bedlam of our lives. Open our eyes and our hearts to the light of Jesus Christ in our midst. Guide us as we mind the light of your peace, hope, and love. Amen.

Christmas candle

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