The power of 1000 days

The church.


Followers of God in the Way of Jesus.

Living the life of faith.

Being the hands, feet, and voice of Jesus in the world.

If you’ve spent any time around me (or, you know, this blog or my other blog or my twitter feed or my facebook timeline), I would hope it is clear that I believe those are five ways of saying the same thing. More importantly, I hope it comes through that I strive to live that belief.

And yet sometimes I know I need to step back and let other voices be heard. Today seems like one of those days. (Of course, I’m preaching this Sunday so my voice isn’t exactly being muffled.) We’ve talked a lot in church and online about hunger, about poverty, about food assistance for those in need. And with the parable of the rich man and Lazarus as this week’s text, we’re going to talk more about them Sunday.

But for today, I hope you’ll take just one minute and fifty seconds of your day to watch the video below. Fighting hunger matters. Providing nutrition – especially for women and children – makes a real difference in the world. I know that’s a corny, overused phrase. I don’t care. I’m saying it anyway. Watch the video and I bet you will too.

Watched the video and want to read more? Here you go.

Watched the video and want some good, original music that supports this effort? Here you go.

Be the hands, feet and voice of Jesus. Share this voice.

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