Moments that matter

In my list of favorite things from the election I mentioned victories for women (most notably, the defeat of the heinous and vile rape apologists). Something I inexcusably left off that list: all the victories by women. To wit:

  • 77 women now in the U.S. House of Representatives, a record (and possible another depending on how Arizona turns out).
  • 20 women in the U.S. Senate, a record.
  • The first openly gay Senator.
  • The first Asian-American female Senator.

More great moments caught on video…

1. Celebrating the victory for equality in Minnesota (via Upworthy). Fast forward to about the 2:30 mark for the best part.

2. President Obama saying thank you to campaign workers. There is just something about telling people you are proud of them that is overwhelmingly emotional. I often get this way talking with our youth group after a big accomplishment.

3. Finally, this from Rachel Maddow. I couldn’t agree more. Our country needs a viable conservative voice to be part of the conversation and debate about how to create the best policies. Our country needs a conservative voice that isn’t obsessed with white privilege. A voice that isn’t anti-women, anti-gay, anti-nonwhites. Reasonable conservatives, please come back to us!

What were your top moments from the election and its aftermath?

Comments, questions, funny anecdotes, brushes with greatness...?

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