Celebrating Sabbath

The International Day of Peace (aka World Peace Day) was this week. Seems to me that everyday is a good – and important – day to pray for peace.

Of course, as the song says, if there is to be peace on earth, it must begin with me. My go-to prayer is a simple breath prayer (meaning it is said in rhythm with my breath):

Holy Spirit, fill me with your peace.

I find that the beauty of a breath prayer is that it can be used at anytime, anywhere, while in the midst of doing anything. No silence, darkness, candles, nor any other component typical of contemplative prayer is necessary.

Turning our focus to the world at large, The United Methodist Church’s Board of Global Missions offered this Prayer for Peace:

Gentle Spirit,

Breathe in us the wind of truth, wisdom and righteousness.

May your Presence inspire us to create labyrinths of peace.

Compassionate One,

Make our hearts burn with love, honoring all peoples and creation. […]

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