Thanks, United Methodist Insight!

What’s United Methodist Insight? Truth be told, I was unaware of the project before they contacted me this week. I certainly like the idea though: UM Insight “seeks to provide a broad range of information and perspectives for concerned United Methodists and decision-makers that will affect the future of The United Methodist Church.”

And I definitely like that they’ve picked up my Good Questions post! Admittedly, their formatting isn’t my favorite as it seems to de-emphasize parts of the post I was trying to highlight. But they use the same format for all posts, so it’s just an unfortunate coincidence. Besides, it’s their site, they can make it look however they like.

I also am apparently too dense to understand the connection between my post and the picture they added to it… I suppose that’s what I get for not including an image of my own.

These are minor quibbles. The main point here is still:

Thanks, United Methodist Insight!

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