Finding Buerstetta-er?


Two months. It’s been two months since my last post here. In times like this my blog title makes me look like an idiot. I wish I could blame the void on a planned hiatus. While summer has been crazy busy, and I did spend a good portion of July curating a private blog for Woodridge UMC‘s youth summer mission trip, the truth is I had plenty to say and even have a few drafts sitting around, but never quite managed to finish and post them. That changes today. New month = new habits. But I need a slump-buster. No, not that kind. This kind:

I’m taking Sean’s advice by going to the archives to revisit my all-time most popular post (Hey, go big or go home, right?): Back to school prayer. Sure, ours and all the kids around me have already started school. I figure it can’t be a bad thing to still reflect on this time of year – and to pray about it. Here’s my version of hoping “the simple rhythm of typing will get me from page one to page two.”

This time of year there are two easily-observable, near-universal truths: 1) children and youth grumble, moan and complain about the way-too-quickly-arrived end of summer and its boon companion, the how-can-it-possibly-be-time-to-go-back-it-seems-like-we-just-got-out start of a new school year. 2) Parents standing behind those children and youth attempting to be sympathetic, but having that attempt betrayed by the thank-all-that-is-holy-school-starts-again-because-it-is-way-past-time-for-our-kids-to-get-out-of-the-house look in their eyes.

Just as “rain falls on the just and the unjust alike,” like it or loath it, the beginning of a new school year is upon us. It can be neither slowed nor hastened, no matter our effort of will. I’m excited to have WUMC once again bursting with the happy, loud noises of young people gathered to find a friend and be a friend; gathered to know Jesus better and help others do the same; gathered to worship God; gathered to love kindly, seek justice and walk humbly with God.

I say let’s once again embrace this new beginning. Here is a prayer to help us do so. You can read the whole thing by yourself, or even better, give each reader in the family a part.

All: Be with us, God!

One: It’s a new school year, Lord. I’ve changed a lot since last year, but I know I still have ways to grow. I’m looking forward to a fresh start.

All: I pray for my old friends.

One: Help them to see that although I’ve changed some things about myself, I still want their friendship and that I am still me.

All: I pray for new friends.

One: Give me courage to reach out to someone new this year, Lord. Help me to be a friend for someone who needs a friend.

All: I pray for my teachers.

One: I pray that they will have open minds about me, regardless of my reputation – good or bad; regardless of what my brothers or sisters or friends may have done – good or bad. I pray that I will have an open mind about my teachers, regardless of what I’ve heard about them – good or bad.

All: I pray for strength.

One: I’m excited about what this year will bring, but I’m also nervous. What if I fail to meet expectations? What if a friend fights with me? What if no one sits with me at lunch? What if I don’t make the team? What if…?

All: Lord, we know that you are faithful!

One: You promise to walk with me and all your children. I want to be as faithful to you, to me, to others as you are faithful to me.

All: Through the strong name of the Trinity, we pray. Amen.

In the midst of all new beginnings, may the Peace of Christ be with us all!

[Note: prayer adapted from Worship Feast: 100 Readings, Rituals, Prayers and Guided Meditations, Abingdon Press, Nashville, 2005.]


2 thoughts on “Finding Buerstetta-er?

  1. Mary

    Very nice Dave. I remember the days also when school couldn’t start quick enough for my bored three son’s and for their impatient, run out of ideas mom. I’m sure WUMC youth are happy to see their Youth Pastor and their friends again.

    1. Thanks Mary!
      Actually Joshua couldn’t wait to start school again. He loves it.
      As for our youth, most of them are slightly less excited, I think. 🙂
      Though we are looking forward to a good ministry year.

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