2011 Favorites – Picture & Post

It’s basically mid January, high time to be done with this little retrospective series. (Previous entries were movies, music, and – believe it or not – hockey goal.)

This post during my week as guest blogger at The Hardest Question was my most viewed post of the year. But I think this post was my favorite. I am so beyond sick to death of running into this “debate” in Christian circles. Enough already. Women are fully human beings and need to be treated as such.

Finally, the image that sums up the year. Taken during the Arab Spring, I wrote a little about it here and here. I find this picture a tremendous example of non-violent protest, of faithfulness, of the way forward. I hope as the Occupy movement here in the U.S. continues and gains traction, it will find a way to emulate this anonymous women:

Comments, questions, funny anecdotes, brushes with greatness...?

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