Today’s dose of awesome

It’s December 30, so everybody and his brother and sister are offering “best of 2011” lists of all sorts. I too have thoughts on best album, best songs and best picture of the year. But right now I don’t need to consider a year’s worth of content. Just this evening, I saw two videos that absolutely epitomize awesome. They are very different from one another, but they both make me very, very happy. I hope these bring you some joy as well.

First, my wife and I saw Mission: Impossible 4 tonight. It was everything everyone says about it: big, loud, tense and looks amazing without the burden of much substance. But seeing that movie meant seeing the Dark Knight Rises trailer! Now, I’ve always been more of a Marvel guy than DC. And I’ve already written that I can’t wait for May 4 when Avengers comes out. That said, for my money The Dark Knight is by far the Best. Comic. Book. Movie. Ever. It’s not even close.

Yet, somehow, based on this, DK Rises just might have a shot at being even better. Take a look:


Moving to a different sort of theatrics, here’s some sweetness from the man who (with Sidney Crosby sidelined indefinitely by concussion) is getting some pub as possibly the best player in the NHL right now: Chicago Blackhawk’s Captain, Jonathon Toews. I missed tonight’s game against the Red Wings, (because I was, you know, at the movies) but I saw this terrific goal.

There. Today’s dose of awesome. Now don’t you feel better?

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