Undergraduate hunger

As Bread for the World reminds us,

Globally, almost 16,000 children die each day from hunger related causes. That’s one child every five seconds.

This week 8 Woodridge United Methodist Church college students and 3 leaders (including my wife and me) served at Feed My Starving Children in Aurora.

For many of these students, it was their first time volunteering there. It’s a powerful experience, joining dozens of others scooping in ingredients,

weighing and sealing bags of meals,

packing 36 such bags into a box, and stacking the boxes on palettes to be sent to hungry children all over the world.

We also tasted a sample of the meals we packed.



















In two hours we helped pack 98 boxes containing 21,168 meals. That’s enough to feed 58 children for a year. That’s also, admittedly, a whole lot less than 16,000. But others were there before us and were coming in after us. We’re making a dent in hunger this way. I hope. At the very least it’s the starfish principle, right? We couldn’t help all 16,000 in those two hours, but we made a difference for the 58 who will receive our meals.

Our boxes are scheduled to go to Haiti at the end of the week.

I know this for sure: it was a pleasure serving together with this group of amazing young people! I love those guys.

How are you fighting hunger?

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