It’s been a Good Friday

The Crucifixion
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Since the blogosphere is overrun with people reflecting on their journey of faith in Christ (most of whom are way better at it than I), it should come as no surprise that posts on the meaning of Good Friday abound.

Here are some that I found meaningful and thought-provoking:

1. My friend Adam Ericksen  offers this video post wondering why today isn’t Tragic Friday:

2. Via Tony Jones, a terrific post by Craig Goodwin on today’s confluence of Good Friday and Earth Day.

3. Finally, Eugene Cho, the Seattle-based pastor and founder of the excellent extreme poverty-fighting non-profit, One Day’s Wages, encourages us not to skip ahead to Easter Sunday too quickly. We need to stay in the uncomfortable dark a while longer.

That’s what I wanted tonight: to stay in the uncomfortable dark a while longer.

Don’t get me wrong, worship at my church tonight was meaningful. In lieu of a musical prelude, a couple of our young people pounded on pieces of wood with hammers. It was a Tenebrae service, meaning we read the last words of Jesus and extinguished candles, causing the sanctuary to get darker and darker. Pastor Jim offered a powerful meditation on the very real suffering in the world and in our lives. We sang the hauntingly beautiful hymn “Were You There?”… and yet, I wanted more. I wanted more darkness and to sit in it longer. I wanted to consider what this day in which we remember Jesus’ death would be like if we approached it as if we didn’t yet know about the Easter Resurrection.

What would today be like for you if Resurrection weren’t just two days away, but was still an inconceivable impossibility?

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