Wisdom speaking?

Some time ago I was given a hand-written note on an obviously oft-folded piece of paper. The giver, Vi, is one of the sweetest women you could ever hope to meet. She passed her 90th birthday several years ago but continues to be an active part of our church. The note was meant for our young people as we were confirming a new group of teenagers at the time. I remember reading it and thinking it was good and genuine and sweet, just like the one who gave it.

And then, I lost the note. Or forgot about it. Or both.

But in the midst of cleaning out a drawer the other day…what once was lost, now was found!

Certainly the ideas in this Teen Creed are familiar enough that Vi wasn’t the original author of every line. But it was she who complied this – by hand! – and passed it along. Thank you, Vi, for sharing your wisdom. I share it for the edification of us all!

Teen Creed

Don’t let your parents down; they are bringing you up.

Be humble enough to obey; you may give orders someday.

Always be careful when you drive; drive with safety and arrive.

Be master of your habits or they will master you.

Think uplifting thoughts; what you think, you are.

Read good books, and don’t forget “the” Book.

Choose companions with care; you become what they are.

Don’t let the crowd tell you it’s the “in” thing; stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.

Treat your date and yourself with respect; you will never be sorry.

Get in the habit of talking with God, the payoff is out of this world!

UPDATE: (how did I forget this part earlier? No idea)

Now, how about you?

What advise, what words of wisdom, would you share?

What do you wish someone had said to you or, perhaps better, shown you when you were a teen?


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