Let’s put an end to cyberbullying

Want to do something about cyberbullying? Me too. But really? All of the “if you REALLY care about ___ then you’ll post THIS as your status” memes on facebook make me twitchy. So I’m not going to tell you what to do.

But I am going to tell an idea my new friends at Lockport’s YASO are doing:

Challenge yourself, commit to non-tolerance of social network bullying.

Commit to not “like”-ing any status or comment that uses anti-LGBT or slut-shaming slurs or slurs in general.

Then take another step and tell your friend why you can’t “like” what they wrote.

Take a minute to read their full 9 part plan, you’ll be glad you did. While you’re at it, read about what else they’ve done. I’m blown away by this group and by my new friend, Patrick Green, who leads them. Absolutely amazing and inspiring.

It seems to me that change starts at home, that is, it starts with me. And, I hope, with you too.

Sure, this may be a small step. But small steps taken together can add up to something much bigger. That’s the hope anyway.

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