“The Past is Prologue”

My sermon on Sunday was based on the Lectionary texts for the week: Exodus 19 and Matthew 9. We’ve begun reading Exodus in the weekly bible study I facilitate, so that added to the fun. Pastor Danita and I are starting a new monthly series on being antiracist…so there may be some subtext to my sermon title 🙂

Perhaps my best line? I’d say this: The past helps us understand who we are today. But we also have a weird relationship with our past. Sometimes we glorify our past; sometimes we vilify our past. Sometimes we get trapped by our past. So many times over the years, in the midst of conversation about the bible or discipleship, that is, how we live our lives of faith, so many times I’ve heard someone say (or said myself!) some version of, “That’s not how I was taught.” Or “I never learned that in school.” …But guess what, friends? That past doesn’t have to be our future. You and I, we’re allowed to keep learning! We’re allowed to seek out new sources of information! You and I, we’re allowed to learn new ways of being in the world!

Prefer to see and hear the sermon? Here’s the video (though it continues to vex me why it won’t embed at the start of the sermon, which begins at 56:41)

Sermon begins at 56:41

Rather just listen, podcast-style? Here’s the audio:

As always, I’d love to hear what you think.

Yes, our past  — individually and collectively — has led us to this moment. But where we go from here is up to you and me; where we go from here is up to us. Let’s be an active, loving part of a new day for justice.

Header image Image by John Hain from Pixabay 

One thought on ““The Past is Prologue”

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